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Turn more high-value leads into qualified meetings, instantly

+70% of qualified leads booking demos directly from your website.
+10x Speed to lead to boost your pipeline.
Awesome Lead Experience to

"Someone will contact you later!"

"Oh please, delete that message from your lead forms. It's killing your conversion rate!"

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How it works

Import or create a form
Select one of your Hubspot forms or create one. We will automatically detect and analyze the fields.
Set up Routing Rules
To filter leads and transform your lead generation process into a finely tuned conversion engine
Assign Sales reps to Rules
Make sure leads are automatically assigned to the right sales rep instantly

How will you do it?

Intelligent Routing Rules
Specify precisely how your forms qualify or disqualify inbound leads. Craft rules based on form fields, UTM data, and an extensive array of over 250 additional company and contact extra fields.
Perfect "lead -> sales rep" matching
Empower your sales force like never before. Whether you have 10, 100, or even 1000 sales reps, imagine effortlessly matching qualified leads with the perfect sales representative, all done automatically.

No more relying on outdated, manual lead assignments that depend on "hand-raising" signals.
CRM integration
Use our HubSpot integration or set up webhooks for interfacing with any CRM via Zapier or Make. The potential to leverage your lead data is limitless.

Our priority is your security

We adhere to the strictest protocols of cybersecurity, encryption, and data handling.


Choose the Ideal Plan for Your Team.
Our pricing adapts to your needs and growth.

Basic Plan
Perfect for small to medium-sized teams
35$ per agent / month
Unlimited lead qualifications
Lead Routing to your SDRs or AEs
Instant Lead Enrichment
Meetings scheduler
CRM Integration
UTMs & ROI tracking
Customizable styles
Pro Plan
Ideal for larger and specialized teams
35$ per agent / month
Best Value With Added Benefits!
Includes all Basic features, plus:
Advanced features designed to turbocharge your pipeline and drive successful deal closures
Enhanced reporting and analytics
Priority customer support
Dedicated account manager
Premium Plan
For enterprise-level teams with
enhanced capabilities and dedicated support
Contact our sales team for personalized pricing and exclusive benefits
Number of leads
Average time
Up to 5 leads / month
From 5 to 100 leads / month
2€ / lead
From 100 to 500 leads / month
1 € / lead
From 500 to unlimited leads / month
0,5€ / lead
If your company capture
10 leads / month
with Meetzy

0€ for the first 5 leads
10€ for the last 5 leads

You will pay:
10€ / month
If your company capture
110 leads / month
with Meetzy,

0€ for the first 5 leads
190€ for the next 95 leads
10€ for the last 10 leads

You will pay:

All your doubts, answered.

If you're hesitating, or trying a Book a Demo Engine for the first time, do not worry. We've got answers for all your questions.
How many of my SDRs or AEs could work with Meetzy?

Unlimited. We have a powerful architecure to support hundreds of agents

How the routing works?

You define some simple rules once.

- if company size > 500 then route to this list of SDRs
- if the country is from the UK then route to this other list of SDRs

When your lead fills in the form, Meetzy uses these rules as triggers to show the availability of the right SDR or AE to the lead.

We could help you to define these rules

How Meetzy works with the differents timezones?

Forget the timezone math. Meetzy supports all the different timezones in the world and shows the availability of the right SDR to your leads in their local time.

How soon can we get set up if we decide to move forward?

In minutes. But I know you need to coordinate with your team and probably you would like to test everything before deploying Meetzy in your landings. Up to you.

How is the onboarding process?

Simple & Fast. Meetzy works with a company that has a list of agents.

The process is:
- in Meetzy.
- You invite your sales team to connect their calendar and set up their availability.
- We implement the rules you define
- We connect everything to your CRM

You can deploy Meetzy in your landing copying a simple line of code. We will replace your current form with the Meetzy one.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

We'd love to help. You can contact us at our email - support@meetzy.io or book a demo with us

Superpowers for your sales team .

Learn how Meetzy can help take your sales team to the next level.

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